This Bolton dog spent 11 months on the run

MARLBOROUGH — A Bolton dog that escaped for over 11 months was returned to its family last week, after months of playing ‘cat & dog’ with rescuers.

The dog, named Chewy, escaped through a broken back door from Dorothy McGuirk’s home on July 4, 2017.

“My daughters and I went looking for her all over the neighborhood trying to find her, and we couldn’t, she was gone,” McGuirk told Boston 25 News.

After months of searching, the family turned to the Missing Dogs Massachusetts Facebook page for help.

In November, an employee at a  Marlborough pizza shop spotted the dog matching the description on Facebook.

For months, volunteers from Missing Dogs Massachusetts attempted to rescue Chewy, but couldn’t. Volunteers did, however, manage to keep the dog alive through the winter by leaving out food, and water.

Chewy, was finally rescued with a remote-controlled drop-net, and returned to the family.

“I call her the miracle dog because I think what she went through is quite a miracle,” McGuirk added.

[CREDIT: Boston 25 News]
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