Joint State Committee meets to discuss firearms

Pro-gun and anti-gun supporters gather for a hearing in the State House on Nov. 16. Photo: Maya Gacina/Bay State Herald.

BOSTON — Beacon Hill lawmakers on the state’s Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security heard testimony for and against multiple firearm bills Thursday in the State House.

Police officers, veterans, National Rifle Association (NRA) representatives, and civil rights activists testified in support of mental wellness training for police personnel, in support or opposition to the Massachusetts’ ban on gun silencers for civilian use and of other bills presented on the floor.

State Sen. Michael O. Moore, a Democrat and former law enforcement officer, led the joint committee as chair with Rep. Alan Silvia, who is also a Democrat. Sen. Michael F. Rush and Rep. Harold P. Naughton, Jr. were not present for the testimony on mental wellness training for police personnel and the Massachusetts’ ban on gun silencers.

The Bay State Herald will have follow up stories in the coming days.

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