Dylan Rossiter

Co-Fonder and Managing Editor

Dylan is the Herald’s Managing Editor for product, marketing, and strategy. He also assists with daily editorial duties and oversees the Herald’s social presence. His reporting has brought him from a Donald Trump campaign rally to the NCAA men’s Division I basketball and ice hockey tournaments. Rossiter can be reached at dylan_Rossiter@Emerson.edu. Follow him on Twitter @ByDylanRossiter. VIEW HIS FULL PROFILE >>

Chris Van Buskirk

Co-Founder and Managing Editor

Chris is the Herald’s Managing Editor for content, human resources, and multimedia reporting/storytelling. He also works heavily with the Herald’s business, social and recruitment teams. Chris specializes in breaking news, investigative, and multimedia reporting. Van Buskirk can be reached at c_vanbuskirk@emerson.edu. Follow him on Twitter @ChrisVan214. VIEW HIS FULL PROFILE >>

Maya Gacina

News Editor

Maya is the Herald’s editor for express and breaking news. She also assists in long-term enterprise reporting for news. Gacina can be reached at maya_gacina@emerson.edu. Follow her on Twitter @MayaGacina. VIEW HER FULL PROFILE >>

Gabriella Mrozowski

News Editor

Gabriella is the Herald’s editor for long-term enterprise news reporting. She also assists in express and breaking news coverage. Mrozowski can be reached at gabriella_mrozowski@emerson.edu. Follow her on Twitter @GabiMrozo. VIEW HER FULL PROFILE >>

Kyle Bray

Sports Editor

Kyle is the Herald’s Sports Editor. He also assists in breaking news coverage. Bray can be reached at Kyle_Bray@emerson.edu. Follow him on Twitter @KBray63. VIEW HIS FULL PROFILE >>

Ally Rzesa

Living Arts Editor

Ally is the Herald’s Living Arts Editor. Rzesa can be reached at Ally_Rzesa@Emerson.edu. Follow her on Twitter @allyreeses. VIEW HER FULL PROFILE >>

Daniel Peden

Multimedia Editor

Daniel is the Herald’s photo and video editor.Peden can be reached at Daniel Peden@Emerson.edu. Follow him on Twitter @dpedenphoto. VIEW HIS FULL PROFILE >>

Gabriella Leonel

Staff Reporter

Gabriella is a Herald staff reporter. She specializes multimedia and broadcast reporting. Leonel can be reached at Gabriella_Leonel@Emerson.edu. Follow her on Twitter @LeonelGabriella.