Royal DSM introduces aqueous coating resin NeoCryl

Royal DSM, the global science-based company, has recently launched NeoCryl XK-117, a water-based coating resin. NeoCryl XK-117 is an affordable alternative to solvent-based coating systems with potential application in construction and heavy machinery sectors. The new resin has a low odor and reduced presence of volatile organic compounds. Additionally, NeoCryl can be easily applied in a direct-to-metal method, instead of the traditional two-stage process. This can also help users save almost 50 percent of the energy that is spent in the forced drying process. The new resin also allows coatings with high levels of durability and extends the life of the end products, thereby facilitating the optimal use of valuable metal resources.

Ap Heijenk, Global Technical Application Manager, Industrial Coating Resins DSM, has commented that the launch of NeoCryl XK-117 is a significant step in the company’s plans to expand the sustainable direct-to-metal product offerings and reinforce their market position as the world’s leading waterborne resin producer. Heijenk adds that with the new resin, they will deliver on our commitment to creating a more sustainable future that has coating products, which do not cause any harm to the health of the planet without compromising the efficiency in performance.  The newly introduced resin also gives a wide range of functional and aesthetic performance advantages by combining the different properties of traditional multi-step primer-topcoat systems in a single-layer coating solution. By employing this less tedious method, the new resin can assist applicators in reducing their process times and spatial requirements, without affecting the practical characteristics of the end coating.

The NeoCryl resin system offers a high solid content level of fifty percent, and the full-bodied resin can be assimilated into high-build coatings to achieve an exceptional corrosion resistance along with a high-gloss finish. This announcement comes at the heels of the launch of the new AgiSyn 248 resin, also named Silky UV, a UV-curable, low-viscosity resin that is ideal for use with flexographic and screen overprint varnishes to accomplish silk-feel properties.