Google to include recycled plastic in products by 2022

Tech giant Google has announced that it plans to incorporate recycled plastic in all its products by the year 2022 in its efforts to neutralize carbon emissions from delivery of consumer hardware by next year. The company will also formulate technologies that prioritize people and extend access to technological advancements. The announcement will make the competition fiercer among tech firms working to show both customers and governments that they are attempting to diminish or at least neutralize the environmental footprint of their products. Anna Meegan, Head of Sustainability, Devices and Services, Google, has said that last year, the carbon emissions per unit from the company’s transportation activities dropped 40 percent from that recorded in 2017. This was accomplished by employing more ships rather than planes to transport electronics from factories to customers around the world.

Meegan had also mentioned that the Alphabet subsidiary plans to balance the rest of the carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits. Three out of nine Google products that have detailed disclosures online contain 20 to 42 percent recycled plastic for its Google Home speakers and Chromecast streaming dongles. Rival company Apple took a similar sustainability pledge in 2017, wherein the company committed to someday using only recycled and renewable materials. The company has at least 50 percent recycled plastic in some parts of several products, recycled aluminum in two products, and recycled tin in at least 11 of its products.

Meegan has acknowledged that Apple’s commitment to sustainability did inspire Google’s hardware business’s pledge. However, sustainability standards are now an essential factor in Google’s hardware planning. Devices cannot reach the second stage in the design process unless they have sustainable packaging and materials, and there is a plan for easy repairs. Meegan added that the company is mainly looking to build sustainability into all its activities, but it will take some time to record substantial progress.