Drinking black tea may help you lose weight effectively

If you wish to lose weight, sipping on a cup of black tea can certainly help, as per the new research. Researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles recently conducted a study to find out the significant difference in health benefits between black and green tea. Green tea is usually accredited with its different benefits related to weight loss, but researchers believe that black tea can also have a slimming effect on your waistline.

Black tea also offers a range of health benefits as it has compounds and antioxidants that can help decrease inflammation in the body. Antioxidants are known to offer a host of health benefits. Having them can help to reduce free radicals as well as decrease cell damage. This eventually may help reduce the risk of chronic disease. Polyphenols are a kind of antioxidant found in a few foods & beverages, including black tea. Groups of polyphenols, which include theaflavins, catechins, and thearubigins, are major sources of antioxidants in black tea, and it can also promote overall health. The study, which was recently published, looked particularly at four different groups of mice, broken up by the kind of diet they consumed. Some also consumed green tea extracts, while others consumed black tea extracts.

After around four weeks, the scientists found that the mice that consumed the black tea had lost similar weight as compared to the group of mice that drank green tea. Both groups of mice also had more of the bacteria related to lean body mass in their gut than that associated with fat and obesity. “Our new research suggests that black tea, through a specific method through the gut microbiome, may also contribute to good health as well as weight loss in humans,” Susanne Henning, one of the researchers in the study said in a statement. The research certainly isn’t decisive. However, if you do enjoy a few hot cups of tea every day, now there’s even more reason to drink it.